A generation earlier than most of the equipment shown here, perhaps the 1940's.

This small PA was for general use, not just bands, and had inputs for microphone and turntable or tuner.

These were often used in factories for background music and paging service.

6SN7 twin triodes to push-pull 6V6's.

under chassis
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Several things date this chassis. The all-metal construction with “cane” metal cover; octal valves; octal-size 4, 5 and 6 pin connectors; cloth-covered mains lead (not shown).

The inputs enter bottom-left and go to their respective controls (using rubber insulated screened cable).

Apart from a new mains lead it looks original, like it hasn't seen a soldering iron since the day it was built.

The circuit would contain no surprises and be similar to generic circuits given here.

Just about every component would be suspect, particularly the waxed-paper capacitors (brown waxy cylinders) which can all be expected to be leaky.

A chassis such as this is better suited to a display than restoration and service, particularly considering the octal preamp valves.

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