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Dimco Industries (NZ) Ltd, Hastings


Mustang 30 - mod 3016, Mustang-10

Mustang 30 - mod 3016

Source: “mezcalhead” - OffsetGuitars.Com


New: 25/10/09

Circuit of the Mustang-10.

John J. Hall writes;

Brain Science and Rocket Surgery NZ-style

I thought you'd like to see this one! Some ex-patriate kiwi threw this out (What a blessing for me!). (see 'attached' photos - sorry about the quality of some, I only have a 2 megapixel camera in my iPhone).

You think you've got problems? The iPhone the bloke sold me cheap in the pub is an old model that still has to plug in, and takes film.

Here's a little NZ amp from the 'Footpath Collection' (discarded items to be picked up by the council). I thought it was a drawer or something - but on closer inspection !!

It was a 95% sealed back, but some intelligentsia smashed the back in so they could cut off more of the power cord. The back section had an internal schematic attached, but it was also smashed in pieces during the incredibly-sensitve cord recovery procedure.- (I will provide you with a copy when I've retraced it out myself). I've put another back section on.

It only had 1 wire off inside (to the tone control), but I resoldered it and it works perfectly.

It's called a 'Mustang TEN' - Obviously about 10 Watts, all solid state w/ an 8" Plessey (NZ) speaker, and a NZ wound transformer, etc. The Plessey sounds beautiful, even for its size, and overall it sounds absolutely fabulous for a solid state - very natural, with great clean tonal variations available just from the single volume (labelled 'GAIN'), and single tone controls. It was manufactured by 'DIMCO INDUSTRIES (NZ) LTD' from Hastings, (evidently near the east coast, mid-way up the North Island, close to Hawke's Bay).

Is it 60's - 70's vintage?

It is.

The full volume and tone settings are voiced to sound like square wave distortion very similar to the bleating of sheep (sort of like 'Motorboating' - but sped up, and prefixed by the letter 'B'). I'd also swear that it sounds very much like it had a 12A-ewe -7 pre-amp tube, but that would be just ram-ming my opinions down your throat! It's finished in 'All Black', and “uts a rilly brulliant luttle emp, thet's mint to be pleyed rilly over sux or siven, Bro”. I believe this amp was used by a musician involved in one of the saddest events in NZ history - a republishing of the old song 'There will never be another you', wherein 139 male farmers committed suicide after misconstruing the spelling of the last word of the title. (preceding paragraph in red font fictional only)

Note: Publishing John J's stand-up routine above is an unpardonable lapse of good taste on the part of AVA for which we should be flogged. AVA deeply comitted to upholding the dignity of sheep and in no way condones the characterisation of sheep as sex objects, even implicitly, or New Zealanders for that matter.

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Source: John J Hall

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