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Fountain Mfg. Co., (later) Fountain Electronic Industries, Auckland NZ

Circuits, Thunderbird


New: 22/7/09

You can simply click on these links to view the circuit in a new browser window, or right click then “Save As” to download to your hard disk.

Circuit for 15 watt 2x EL84's

Circuit for 30 watt 4x EL84's Mustang

Circuit for 55 watt 2x EL34's Thunderbird

Circuit for 125 watt 4x EL34's Fireball

(all use EF86 pentodes for preamps)

Many thanks to Clarry Schollum for making these circuits available.

Clarry Schollum of 34AUDIO in NZ wrote (24/9/07):

Matt Hennessey's review [below] about ONE amp is not quite correct. Fountain built a number of different models.

I knew Alf Veart who was the design honcho at Fountain. He died a couple of years ago but he gave me all the schematics. Just as well because the amps come in for service from time to time.

They used EF86's in the front end (and for tremolo) and did get it right - a special rubber moulding to support the valve socket.

Have schematics for these.


from New Zealand Musician magazine, Vol. 8, No. 3 June/July, 1999
Matt's Speaker Facts
By Matt Hennessey
“Old Kiwi Valve Guitar Amplifiers”

Fountain only made one guitar amplifier, the Thunderbird.

It was two channel with tremolo and rated at about 35 watts. This is my least favourite of the old Kiwi amps. The use of non-guitar-amp-standard EF86 preamp tubes and a two-plane hand-wired component layout make service difficult. Although I was only able to visually inspect one of these amps, I suspect their tone would be 'unique'.

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