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B.B.D. Services

B.B.D. Services

While this is a very nice looking build, complete with engraved front logo and back panel, the rustic front panel markings strongly suggest that this is from one of the many good “backyarders” who built amps to order or in very small runs. Some were rubbish, or ideas that didn't work out, but many where labours of love and better than anything that ever came off a production line. -rr [later info below]

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A pair of 6CA7/EL34's in the output.
Neil Rote:

This rare amp is a real gem! It has been fully serviced and has new valves. 2 x EL34's & 4 x 12AX7's. The amp is missing the reverb tank, but all the circuitry and cabling is there to drive one. It has a great sounding old school Vibrato with depth and speed settings. This amp was made in Sydney Australia in 1968 and is a decent 40-50 watts of valve output. It has two separate chanels.

This amp sounds incredibly nice. It's been fully rebuilt and reconditioned by an experienced tech, and is ready to give years of service to the tone-conscious guitarist. Truly a match for any 'boutique' amp, but a genuine hard-wired article from the '60s, not a modern clone. Very reminiscent of early “Plexi” Marshall sounds - bright and gutsy.

Check out the picture below to see the size of the power transformer in this baby! No wimpy underspecced modern transformers here!.

More nice shots thanks to Grouse Guitars.

New: 29/6/07

Mark Moffatt wrote:

Well I've been emailing backwards and forwards with my old mate Dave Aust thanks to your website connnection. I believe the company re-launching Vase have been in touch with him for info.

I noticed a Garl amplifier in the site listings. They were made for Garl, a music store on Goulburn street in Sydney, just around the corner from where EMI studio was on Castlereagh St. It was owned by a wonderful old chap, George R Lee (hence “Garl”).

In later years George sat passing time behind the counter, and over his shoulder one could see an Aladdin's cave of musical stuff piled to the ceiling. Any Garl amps were long gone, though he had an eye catching display of E-tone speakers (raw) in the window ranging right up to the 18 inch model.

After many years of cups of tea and yarns, one day he raised swing up style counter and let me in. I added a few rare Teisco guitars to my collection that day. The shop was closed in 1995, I presume because he passed away.

Source: Mark Moffatt

New: 26/6/09

James Driver wrote;

As I understand, (and as he told me) George Lee designed and made his own valve amps.

As point of interest, in the mid 60ís he was marketing them as Soundmaster amps.

I bought and owned what was supposedly Soundmaster 120 watt unit. It later proved to be a 60 watt twin channel unit. George put me straight.

A beautiful unit. Maroon speaker cloth and blue grey covering. Amp head and twin speaker cabinets. A wonderful sound

Will always wonder where it ever disappeared to. I would buy it back in an instant

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