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When things go wrong - 3

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the motherfucking death set

joseph grey (greyplanet) wrote, @ 2006-03-25 02:35:00

the death set played at the ottobar tonight and it was the coolest thing i've seen in a long time.

they played at the ottobar tonight. i didn't even give a damn about the other bands because they were boring. i'd heard the death set via myspace and really liked them. the band is made up of two guys from australia who sing and play guitar, everything else is done via drum machines and samples, which comes out of a five-foot stack of patched together equipment.

their music is not something you could easily compare to anything else. they have a really unique sound. all their songs are fierce punk rock backed by an electronic drum beat, and in between songs they have samples of baltimore club music.

first of all, they didn't even play on the ottobar's big, spacious stage. instead, they chose to play down on the floor at audience level. at some point, their vocal PA fried out on them and rather than stopping the show to figure out what was wrong, they just screamed over the music. at one point, one of the singer/guitarists picked up his mike stand and threw it over his shoulder behind him, and then proceeded to climb up on top of their stack of equipment, which wobbled precariously beneath him. everyone in the audience knew he was going to fall, it was just a matter of when and how hard.

the guy fell from a five-foot stack of speaker enclosures, PA equipment, and guitar amps. this was a fall that would have easily broken any mere mortal's arm. instead, the guy got up and kept playing. about half a minute after this happened, their PA began to catch fire. literally. as they played, their equipment started to burn. and they kept going. an audience member ran up to the burning amp and started to blow on it to put it out, but one of the death set guys shoved him away and started fanning the fire, apparently in the hopes that the flames would get bigger and engulf their equipment.

this, unfortunately, put an end to their set. they'd been playing- i kid you not- for about fifteen minutes.

consider it the highest compliment to be paid to a band. . . when i can pay 7 bucks to see your ass and you only play for fifteen minutes, yet i'm running upstairs and telling my friends, “OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS SHIT! THEIR SHIT IS CATCHING ON FIRE!”

the last time i saw a band play that long and i didn't think they were total lame asses was when i saw the dwarves play at a bar in new orleans. they played for 20 minutes and trashed their equipment and the crowd erupted into one huge fist fight as the guys in the band ran out the back door. it was one of the most amazing things i'd ever seen.

next time you get a chance, seriously, check out the death set. wow.

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killercrapsack posted @ 2006-03-28 03:28 am UTC
Dude, that shit is awful. I mean, seriously, fucking awful. I couldn't make it through a single track without getting queasy and feeling like I was gonna wretch. You should really see a doctor. Taste that bad has to be a symptom of a more serious condition. Really, man, I'm concerned for your health.

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