Silent sticks - Paul Hester

3rd April 2005

Last week, apparently with everything to look forward to, ex-Crowded House drummer and music TV show presenter Paul Hester took his own life in a Melbourne park.

Clinical Depression will strike 1 in 5 Australians sometime in their lives. Of these 1 in 3 will die as a result of the condition - it's a life-threatening illness. For some reason it seems that creative people such as musicians, writers and actors are particularly at risk. It's not just “being depressed” and you can't “snap out of it” any more than you can a broken leg.

If you suffer from Clinical Depression ask your doctor about new drugs such as SSRI's which finally offer sufferers some real hope. Try to remember that even the blackest depression does eventually pass; that suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary problem, and it devastates those left behind. It's a drastic way to turn off the internal dialogue.

If you're in trouble reach out to your doctor or phone LifeLine. You may indeed be the worst musician on the planet, but people still want you to be around. It does pass.

Beyond Blue
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Silent sticks
Rest in Peace Hessie

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