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Rite (Travis)

New: 21/1/08

Grant Wills has come up with a circuit tracing.

On Monday, 28 March 2005 Justin Wright, son of the original builder, wrote:

The Travis is a 4 x EL34 amp (100w). It was named after a band called “Travis something something”(*) or something close (three words with a travis in it). He made this amp for them I think and then named it after them.

The chassis is made to take 6 tubes and that 150W version was called a Centurion.

He was building them in Adelaide and churned out quite a few. The one I picked up has a serial number of 1006. I do know that Masters Apprentices got him to design amps for them in the early days. He also designed and build speaker boxes.

[* Travis Wellington Hedge (Twilights, Little River Band)]

Justin's Riteamps site is still under construction but there's a nice picture of the Travis 100 as a placemarker.

New: 4/5/10 from Marty Shields


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