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Mobius from SurfX3D

Software Review/Download Index

Some software can be very useful around valve amplifiers, and electronics generally.
And some is full of undelivered promise.

These pages provide my reviews of, and linkage to, various programmes I have investigated.

These reviews are particularly oriented towards programmes that will run on the typical rebuilt 10+ year old clunker I have as my bench computer of the moment (and as such it's a deliberately “throw-away” proposition - no point in risking valuable hardware around potentially damaging voltages and currents). And it's on a pocket-money budget, so we are mainly looking at freeware.

Minimal platform: Windows 95 ('tho a few will run under MSDOS).

Anything that tends too much towards bloatware, crippleware, or infantware is out, but naturally if you have found some gem (or a total dog that ate your homework and others should be warned of) you think should be included here I would welcome your critical review with screenshots.

Software Pages Index:

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