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Scion Audio

Proprietor: Darryl Hoy
Mayfield Road, Newcastle

Scion 8003 lead combo

New: 8/11/10

e-Bay sellers blurb:

1970's Scion guitar amplifier. One of two brands (Baez, the other) professionally made in Newcastle in that era. This one belived to be 130 watt. It is a valve amp (Marshall copy), has two Rola 10" speakers, two input jacks as well as headphone jack.

Works fine, but does have some background buzz at low volume. the cabinet is sound, however, the exterior covering has some damage.

2 x Rola Celestion speakers Model G12m, power capacity 25 watts, Impedence 8 ohms, bass resistance 75 hz [*].

Has 2nd speaker output under valves etc..

Controls are; Volume, treble, middle, bass, presence (2 position), master (slide), Master (3 position), standby , Power.

Cabinet is sound, but vinyl covering has damage in line with unit's age.

Purchased in this condition from NSW Musik Maitland early '80's.

* this is actually the bass resonance. I sure hope this isn't pushing 130 watts into 2x 25 watt speakers! Perhaps it' a 50 watt amp that consumes 130 watts from the mains(?) - rr.

Source: Jeremy Shaw



New: 23/8/07

I have a great scion 50 watt combo. It was made in Newcastle in the 70s or 80's and is as loud as all hell. It has 3 12AX7 preamp valves, 2 EL34s twin rectifiers 1x10 inch Fane speaker. It can drive a quad box at 8 ohms and has tremendous sensitivity to input volume.

I currently use it 2 nights a week, but it is really a hard rockin play up on 11 sort of amp.


Source: David Rees

New: 27/4/07

Scion built Marshall and Hiwatt style guitar and bass heads in 50, 100 and 200 Watt versions, EL34 and KT88 output stages, also a couple of combos.

I worked at Scion Audio in 1989, as a sound operator/PA rigger and in their Mayfield Road hire shop as a technician but by that stage Darryl was into making MOSFET PA amps and didn't really want to talk much (a young heavy rock guitar zealot back then) or give many secrets away about his valve amps, although I did get to look over his shoulder a few times when he had an amp in for service and it was by observing him that I first learned how to set up bias.

Source: Stuart Kent

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