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Valve technicians - by locality

The following valve amp technicians have asked to be included in this listing, so inclusion here is not an endorsement.

Feedback on experiences with the work of techs on your amplifier is invited.

NSW & ACT | Vic | Qld | SA | WA | Tas | NT | NZ

New South Wales and A.C.T.

Geoff Goldblum

I'm a technician with over 40 years experience - especially with valve technology - including AM radios, amplifiers & monochrome TV's.
These days I mostly do guitar amps (even build them) and fix other PA gear.

I'm based in Marrickville, Sydney. Please contact me by my MOBILE PHONE ONLY, 0413473979, after 11 am.

Jack Jensen

Amplifier, Keyboards and String instrument repair and setup.

Authorised service agent for: Ashton, Fender, Ibanez, Laney, Kawai, Marshall, Peavey, Phoni,c Randall, and Yamaha.

Mobile: 0407 956161
Ph: 0260 254207
ABN: 6311 6398 981

591 Osborne St.
NSW 2641

Hi Roly. I found your site while looking for a schematic for my Vadis 600R serial 6059, and believe it would be helpful to regional players in the N.E Vic / Southern NSW region to be listed with OZvalveAmps as a repairer, as well as being helpful to my pursuit of viewing and repairing more of these units.

Peach Audio

David Peach

97 Paramatta Road (near corner of Johnston Steet)
Annandale NSW 2038

p +61 2 8964 8633
mobile: +61 438 372 329
web: [not responding 22/03/2013]

Amp servicing, high end audio builds, studio equipment servicing.

Ivan Richards Audio


Ivan Richards

c/o Eagle Business Park
1 Frances Parkes Close
Wyoming NSW 2250
Hours: negotiable, normally 11.00am until 7.00pm
phone me first, this is a one-man business

Mobile: 0418 862 034 within OZ
+61 418 862 034 international


I am building and repairing amps on a professional basis - experience in this field stretches back to the 1970's, so I have worked on every major brand and most obscure brands too, models dating from 1950's up to current models.

Warranty brands include Carr (USA), Marshall, Laney, Vox, Peavey, Ampeg and others.

I do solid-state repairs as well, check with me first.

Based in Gosford (Wyoming) NSW Central Coast but actually accepting repairs/upgrades from Melbourne to QLD regional cities.

I do amp repairs for most of the regional music shops plus Bondi Intermusic of Bondi Junction (Sydney) a well-known boutiquey shop, they have been sending their valve amps to me for approx the last 10 years; this includes the CARR amps from North Carolina USA, which they import.

I also now publish a weekly Blog, which includes examples of interesting repair jobs, etc, with photo's.

We have daily pickups/deliveries from all the courier services to this site and reception to accept my deliveries when I am out, so no problemos the last 10 years.


David Crittle


I service valve amps and supply parts.

Rockdog Amplifier Repairs

Glen Bowker

Glen Bowker

Unit 1/20 Durgadin Drive,
Albion Park Rail NSW 2527

Phone: 0428 620 545

I specialise in guitar amp repairs, tube and solid state, manufacture of custom pedal boards and power supplies, PA amps and mixers and some FX pedals. I'll have go at anything but better on the older stuff.
Please contact me at anytime if you need any further info.

Sibnet Electronics

Bob Fields

50 / 28 Barcoo Street
Roseville NSW 2069

Phone: (02) 9417 7600

Born in the UK in 1946 and did a TV techs apprenticeship starting in 1958, so I grew up on valves equipment, even valve colour TV's.

I've been in the electronics servicing industry since then, in NZ from '77 to '96 and then in Sydney.

Currently I'm a tech working for the No 1 Samsung service centre located in Roseville.

If anyone needs any help with especially valve amps, please get in touch.


George Evans Custom Amplifiers

Tim Evans

My name is Tim Evans and have been in business as a design engineer and Amp builder and repairer.

For over 20 years my company Labsystems built and sold thousands of bass and guitar amps in Australia and OS.

I now build George Evans Custom Amplifiers with Phil George.

My repair business has been going 38 years.

T. R. Evans Electronic Systems
1a Gracie Avenue
Edithvale Vic 3196

Phone (03) 97729117

Giles Audio

Ross Giles

48 Gordon Avenue
Montrose(03) 9761 8256
Victoria 3765

Phone (03) 9761 8256

I have been servicing valve amplifiers since 1983 and specialise in modifying the sound of amplifiers to customers requirements.

I also build valve recording equipment such as microphone preamplifiers and compressors.

Jack Jensen

N.E. Victoria. See Jack Jensen, NSW listing.


Matt Faisandier

11 Roosevelt St,
North Coburg,
VIC 3058

Ph: 03 9041 6553

Martstone Amplifiers

Marty Shields

Marty Shields

275 Boggy Creek Rd,
Melwood Vic 3875

Ph: 03 5157 1857

Repair to valve amps, and construction of Class-A guitar and audiophile amplifiers.

Simon Tregear

Factory 3 / 43 Cochranes Road, Moorabbin

Phone: 0439 635 841

Valvolux Amplifiers

Gavin Vance

Repairs to all type of amplifiers for guitar, bass and PA.

PO Box 334 Northcote VIC 3070
Workshop located in Preston

Hours: By Appointment

Phone: 0431 826 785
E-mail: [Disclosure: Gavin is kind enough to host the mirror of this site]


Marcel van der Linden

Marcel van der Linden

Marcel van der Linden {added 2017/12/10}

Rockhampton district, Central Queensland

Repairs, installation & maintenance of Broadcast TX, Studio, Pro audio, tube guitar amps, PA & stage lighting systems.

5 Goodson Road, Bouldercombe Qld. 4702

Phone: 0417 746941

Hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm Mon-fri



Electronics for the Music Industry

Dave Atkin

PO Box 571
Caboolture QLD 4510

Phone: (07) 5432 8581

Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm Mon - Fri
Saturdays by appointment only
Please call or email for Workshop Address

We service and repair all brands of Guitar & Bass amplifiers, PA Systems, Mixers, Studio Equipment, Synthesizers etc. Valve Amplifier specialists

South Australia

Neale Amplifiers


Andrew Neale

Neale Amplifiers
South Australia 5075

Australia: +61 8 8337 6197
Mobile: 0419 813 447
Fax: (08) 8337 6197

Stockport Sound

Bob Charman

Bob Charman
Stockport Sound
PO Box 1
Stockport SA 5410

Phone: (08) 8528 2098
Fax: (08) 8528 2026
Mob: 0428 317 560

I can also be contacted through:

154 Murray St,

Phone 8523 1018
or via their website at

My amp repair business, Stockport Sound, is in the Clare and Gilbert Valleys, South Australia (that's about 120 kms due north of Adelaide).

I am endorsed for warranty work by Ashton and Laney, but do repairs and mods to every kind of valve amp ever made, and even fix the odd sand amp (silicon transistor).

I do amp repairs for most of the music shops north of Adelaide.

I learned my electronics skills with the RAAF in the late 60's early 70's when valves were not an alternative, they were the only way to go.

I have a Goldentone ReverbMaster and a 60 watt Strauss, still enjoy playing bass in a number of local bands and even do solo shows on guitar with a MIDI machine.


Justin Wright

Unit 1
141 Sir Donald Bradman Drive
Hilton SA 5033

Phone: (08) 8351 9833

Servicing of valve amps, most audio equipment, mixing desks, solid state amps, etc.

Western Australia

Bushtronix Audio

Anthony Hopkins

2 Byblis Pl
W.A. 6056

Phone: (08) 92553030
Mob: 0407 260 803
E-mail: [New: 14/11/09]

Established 1979, repairing: Guitar amps, Guitar Electrics, Organs, Digital Pianos and Keyboards plus general Audio gear. Warranty repairs on Roland, Yamaha, Casio, Marshall.

PN Electronics

PN Electronics

Amplifier Repair Services

Shop 3, 16 Cockburn Rd
Hamilton Hill 6163

Phone: 618 9335 7317
Fax: 618 9335 9785
Mob: 0412 986 060


Total Audio Solutions

Barry Young {updated 17/5/11}

35A Elizabeth Mall
Hobart Tas 7000

Mob: 0407672540
Fax: 0362 342225

I am based in Hobart Tasmania and have had 30 years of experience working with valve radio/tv and amps. I am a service technician at Ruffcut Record Hire Department at 33A Elizabeth Mall (Upstairs). I have the most experience with vintage radio (I am a collector) and valve FM broadcast transmitters (having looked after two 1957 philips units and an NEC FBN11K05E for the past twenty years).

Frost Amplifiers

Tim Krushka {updated 03/10/2019}

59 Frosts Road
Margate Tas 7054

Mob: 0415478868
Hours: 9-5 Mon to Fr
Trading Name: Frost Amps

I am ramping up my service and manufacturing business at Margate Tas. We service all brands of tube amps and sell a range of tubes as well. New builds of any Fender or Marshall design. We are currently finishing prototype of an amp inspired by the Dumble Overdrive. Also I am designing a small class A amp with some interesting twists. Very keen to take on new work and service is guaranteed. All Hi-fi and musical instrument amps. Not transistor at this stage

Northern Territory

New Zealand

Delta Audio Engineering

{removed by request, retired, 2021/09/24}

If you are valve amp tech and would like to be listed here please send me your full contact details.

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