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Amps In Action - 05

P.E.A.R.T. - The Robotic Drum Machine

New: 30/9/08
Robot Drummer


New 16/8/08

Madder Lake

At Musicland in Melbourne for Asylum/Channel 31 segment live recording, March 2008

Pentax 70R, flash off, 35mm 400ASA, processed to CD-R, post-processed in Irfanview - get excellent image processing freeware.

New: 15/6/08

Tube Chickens

Unashamedly swiped from -

How various tube chickens cross the road

Audio Research chicken: Crosses the road if you send it in for a factory upgrade first.

VTL chicken: Crosses the road only if you can collect on the lifetime warranty.

Dynaco chicken: Almost always crosses the road, even with some broken bones, it'll usually limp across anyway.Often looked down on, even by chickens that can't cross the road.

Ongaku chicken: Crosses the road only if you pay it $60,000 first.

Stereophile chicken: Clucks a lot of incoherent babble while crossing the road.

Single Ended chicken: Crosses only very efficient roads.

Marantz chicken: Crosses the road very carefully to avoid getting scratched.

Homebrew chicken: Sometimes has beak on its tail and wings where it's feet should be, but usually manages to get across anyway.

Jadis chicken: Needs a new set of a dozen 6550's almost every time it crosses the road.

845 chicken: If you touch it while it's crossing the road, you might get a 1000 volt shock.

Tube relabeller chicken: Puts new feathers on your chicken, then charges your chicken five times the going rate to cross the road. Sometimes seen doing things like putting green feathers on a Rhode Island Red.

OTL chicken: Gets so hot it melts the road tar while crossnig.

AtmaSphere chicken: The feathers cost 2 cents each, but the chicken costs $10,000

Heathkit chicken: If it won't cross the road, re-read the instruction book.

Really old Western Electric chicken: A forklift has to pick it up and carry it across the road.

British chicken: While crossing the road, slows down every so often to walk around in circles with other chickens. Often makes detours for a “pint” while crossing. Appears to find it amusing to confuse American chickens.

Aussie chicken: Crosses the road, but complains loudly about “pommie” and “septic” chickens while doing so. Wants other chickens to see road from it's point of view: upside down. Accuses Kiwi chicken of fraternizing with sheep.

Kiwi chicken: American chickens often mistake it for a British chicken.

Magazine Reviewer Chicken: Crosses road. States all older roads crossed were inferior and dirty, and can't believe he ever crossed them.

Neurotic Chicken: Before crossing road, dampens it with Sound Coat, lines it with Shakti Stones and VPI bricks, wears tennis shoes with Sorbothane soles. Places amp clamp on his beak. Reads numerous maps and travel books. Crosses road. Changes roads in two weeks.

Newbie Chicken (attemping to impress other chickens): States that while crossing road...listens to “everything from rock to classical”. In reality listens to Paula Abdul, Basia, and Janet Jackson.

American chicken: Will cross road only when fitted with a $100M EFMU (Empowerment Facility Module Unit) upgrade. Once fitted, chicken proceeds to cross road lengthwise, but does the “hard yards” despite ridicule from British, Aussie and Kiwi chickens.

“Ah, a sense of humor - where would we be without it?”

“Germany I expect.”

Eight KT88 bass homebrew

8x KT88's rear    8x KT88's front
8x KT88's underchassis
“500W Bass Tube Amp” by tom 8xKT88's

More on the international chassis shortage...

Chairman amp    Chairman (under)

Apparently still to grow some sort of speaker box between the rear legs, I hope it also grows some sort of underside cover, or simply hitching your chair forward could get quite interesting.

Postman Baritone

Amp in recycled 'puter power supply case

An instant build out of junk and fitted with a boom-box speaker to hand, this apparently goes a whole lot better into a proper speaker box. And aren't we surprised.

Hi-Fi John” is obviously a pretty serious tinkerer and scrounger. His Stick Guitar is one of his less conventional guitar builds out of junk.

Stick guitar

Apart from sundry valve amp builds he has also repackaged an amplified computer speaker as a miniamp.

New: 23/8/07

Bee Gees with Fhone

Hi Roly,
Actually, the precise date of the Bee Gee's photo I later found out later is 30/1/72 and was taken at the Sydney showgrounds. This would make the Fhone amps possibly dating earlier.

Source: Lucien Buddle

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