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Amps In Action

A photo gallery of people playing, and curious things from all over the world.

Stencil graffiti of Elvis, Fitzroy, Melb., '04

This is a photograph of a stencil graffiti of Elvis that has been the header of this section for several years.

For this “crime” web sites have been placed on the ACMA Blacklist. Sites are being put on the blacklist without being informed or having any right of appeal or redress.

While it would be absurd to blacklist this site for this one image, the leaked blacklist shows that many such absurd decisions have already been made, and the ACMA cannot be trusted with these secret powers.
No Clean Feed

“Apparently, thinking about the children precludes one from thinking about anything else.
Common sense included.” -

New material will continue to be added to the top of the stack.

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