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Amps In Action - 08

New: 17/5/11

Black McPherson with Moody Tape Echo

Source: John Fox

New: 11/1/11

You will have to imagine your own backstory for this one.


Source: John Fox

A pleasing micro guitar amp. This shows how to build nice looking valve protection towers out of washers (possibly from the bathroom hardware department) and some standard standoffs and bolts.

*   *   *

The phrase to “breadboard” a circuit once had a very literal meaning with the wiring done point-to-point between wood screws with washers as tie points on a suitable wooden base.

This build doesn't go quite that far, but it does illustrate how a wooden baseplate can still be very useful when constructing an amplifier.

New: 31/12/10

Box O'Dirt

Interweb snooping turned up this creation by Todd Smith which I think speaks for itself.

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