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Amps In Action - 04

(...while the page loads...) Aren't the new cellphone cameras a wonderful thing? I despise them otherwise, but with almost everybody having a camera to hand we are soon going to see some interesting shots. ;)

I had a phone call the other night, and was told a story of playing a Batchelor's and Spinster's Ball up the Mulga, you know, tux, ute, grog, and crack onto a Shela. The “hayshed circuit” I think he called it, but in this case it was a shearing shed done up for the night.

Well, toward the end of the evening one of the “young ladies”, overwhelmed by a fit of inebriated passion and desire, or perhaps in a fit of rage at being passed-over even at the B&S meat market for the desperate, tried to get the drummer's attention by making an ill-judged flying tackle from the thinning dance floor, carrying the drummer, mid-song, through the backdrop, right off the back of the stage and into the none-too-sanitary sheep race far below.

Shame the cellphone cam wasn't invented at the time.

New: 8/4/07
Okay, Evan Lorden's cracked a spot with his next restoration project...
Evan's next resoration project
Coupl'a period mantle radio knobs mebby ...
New: 7/4/07

Geoff Fagan swears this is AC/DC with a wall of Fhones, but I mean, you tell me? That could be just about anybody, couldn't it?

New: 5/3/07
George and Eminar in Adelaide


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