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Goldentone 6

Hybrid 100

New: 7/4/07

100 watt hybrid circuit traced by Grant Wills.

A 100 watt Goldentone? With transistors?

It's been a very well kept secret, but there appear to be two of these still in collections.

As you can see it seems to have used 12AX7's for the preamps then two output stages with 2x 2N3055's in each. This could be a bridge output, but more likely 2x 50 watts each in parallel driving half the speakers.

(u/d 12/12/09)
Grant Wills: “As a 50W/50W head each power amp drove a pair of Philips/Rola 12” in a quad box. Probably not Rose Music's finest hour.”

(u/d 13/11/09)
See also the article on repairing solid-state amps, and the discussion of the Savage output stage.

The heatsinks are Mullard, possibly 6-inches of 35D

That big cap looks a bit sorry



Source: Ken Palethorpe

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