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“Techsite” - Small Projects Pages

These are a republished selection of some of the circuit projects that were up on my personal website in 2002/3.

  • HydroMic - an underwater microphone (piezo)
    An active “head end” that will also work with naked piezo guitar pickups
  • LEDlight - lighting with LED's (12 volt)
    for off-grid homelighting, car, boat, caravan, etc.
  • LEDtorch - high efficiency LED torch (1.5 volt)
    A very economical and useful torch.
  • MIDIbox - Soundcard/MIDI interface
    A “must have” to connect PC to synths
  • Stereo mic for recording bands (electret)
    Another active mike, for recording practices and gigs.
  • Dummy load and wattmeter - for audio tests
    Another “must have” if you work on audio amps.
  • * * * Temperature controlled fan * * * - reduce noise (indicating)
    Retrofit proportional fan control with temperature/status indication

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