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Maton - 02


“Super Reverb Amplifier”

Serial: 7605

7506 front
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7506 rear
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7605 undrchassis front
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7605 underchassis rear
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Source: Ian Rumbold

Starline T506 Studio combo

The mic input control is also a pull switch for bright.

2 x 6DQ6B's
4 x preamps including 6DX8
Power transformer A+R 5776
2 x Rola 12UEG's
Serial: 3293
Price: $A450
Source: Music Swop Shop

What may, or may not be, the reverb circuit for this amp. (60kb gif, source: Reynolds Valveart)


One of the Studio series, model unknown.

Source: e-bay

Powerpack Studio

Front view Rear view
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Source: Music Swop Shop
Really nice reverb
2 x 12 speakers
two EL36 output valves
about 40W
combo style
speakers are fully enclosed.

Source: Darryl Lock

Opal T-30

New: 26/12/06
Source: Ken Palethorpe

Masthead Mystery

Click on image for full size 165kb jpg

Click on image for full size 165kb jpg

Source: e-bay

New: 5/3/07

Paul Quinn writes;

Ive been meaning to send you an email for a while regarding my maton amp

Its very rare, I believe, as the only info I have ever found relating to it is some photos on your site.

Its almost identical to the unnamed one between the opal t30 and the tremolux 30x. I have no idea of its vintage or origin, nor do any of the several techs who have worked on it over the years

I bought it as a 1963 model apparently, back in the late 80s. It has 2 EL84 power valves, 3 12AX7 preamp valves, a larger valve for reverb I think, and a small valve recto. The valve line up may well have been quite different originally.

Three speakers, 6.5 or maybe 8 inch as I recall, (now a g12m30)

If you have any info on this amp I would be grateful. Likewise, if you like any more info on mine I'd be happy to provide it,

Thanks for the great site.

Paul Quinn


Sad I didn't keep it original eh? But it looks original, and it sounds so good...

Peter Hutchinson, amp tech from Hobart, penciled a schematic last time he had it - I will see about getting a copy for your site

Meanwhile, here's a review I did for Harmony Central, it gives a fair bit of the amp's (recent) history:-

Product: Maton 15W Vibrato Echo
Price Paid: UNKNOWN
Submitted 10/15/2006 at 08:27am by paul

Features : 9


Made early 60's I believe.

Blonde tolex, oxblood/ gold cloth, plexi font control panel, cream colored chicken head knobs. Styling looks like a Golden Tone

Probably up to 15W output (around 12 I would guess), has 2 X EL84, 3 X 12AX7, another (bigger)9 pin valve (for reverb i think) and a tube recto.

Came standard with 3 X small alnico speakers, 6 1/2 inch or maybe 3 X 8's, don't recall now. I long ago fitted a G30V, and I am planning on trying a greenback

2 inputs, single channel, with (originally) footswitchable echo - now that socket is used for the trem.

I play blues, some jazz feel stuff, some funk, used this amp as a portable rig for jam sessions, I used to play mainly rhythm and for that it lacked bottom end - it broke up early, and sounded like a little Marshall! The 12 inch speaker fixed that, and playing through a blue tube pedal for a bit more bottom. Very nice now.

One thing is that, even with such an efficient speaker, it's not really loud - which is usually a good thing - but when playing with a drummer or another guitarist with a big amp it can sometimes get a little drowned out -especially if I am trying to keep the bottom end happening. But that doesnt happen to me much, and its really the amp's only shortcoming.

This amp is very compact, light (even with the Celstion's 50 oz magnet) and better featured than most small/ practice amps. S'pose I should rate it highly here, as its got trem AND reverb! Ah, the 60's eh?

Sound Quality : 9

Drive it a bit, with or without a pedal, and it rocks! Chicago blues overdrive, add some trem for that swampy feel, or play cleaner for jazz. Very nice.

Clean distorts after about 6 or 7, but its sounding pretty good by then.

Play a profile MIJ strat with GFS vintage pups, or a samick 335 with gfs 59ers, or a godin solidac with duncan jazz pup, via a constantly changing pedalboard, usually with Goudie FX comp + o/d (lovely pedals) arion sch - 1 for vib, maybe an EQ, and analogue delay, run in stereo at home, with either a WEM clubman mk viii, or guyatone 640 as the other channel.

Suits my style well. I sometimes do a bit of country, probably this amp is not so good for that, but for everything else i play, its great.

It does hum, but just a little - its much quieter than my Jazz Chorus

Reliability : 3

Dependable? Well...yes and no.

Its reliable now, but it took a bit to get to that state.

I bought this amp many years ago, in a clean, well presented but inoperative state. Cant remember how much I paid, but I think it was 50 bucks or so. It looks gorgeous, and I was happy to buy it just to put on my mantlepiece (I didnt actully have a mantlepiece then, but I'm sure you get the idea).

I couldnt resist getting it going though, and my Bandmaster Reverb tall 2X12 stack was just too much to haul around, so I wanted to use this for rehearsals and so on. (that fender is long gone...shame!!)

Rebuild no. 1 involved some new valves, a new output transformer, of indeterminate make, (there are no schematics anywhere for this amp) running into the 3 stock speakers. Whooaahhhh! A grunge monster, but little clean headroom. Not much good for backing clarinet solos, so then the G30 went in, after some surgery. That, and the Blue Tube, gave a warm and wholesome bottom end, and still plenty of drive when i wanted it. But it lacked that sweet, shimmering reverb that my Bandmaster gave, so I had it in mind to upgrade the tank at some stage. (note to self - just buy an old fender!)

Rebuild 2. A noticeable volume drop meant a trip to another tech, who installed a solid state recto for more clean headroom, a full width accutronics tank and some witchcraft on the trem circuit - cant remember now. result was more clean vol, and way more 'verb than I'll ever use, but a bit of a loss of tone, and that valve recto sag. It was pretty loud though, and

rebuild 3. Driving this thing hard is fun, no doubt a great way to let off steam, until one day, the amp let off some steam itself - or smoke anyway. Strange sensation, one second the windows are rattling, the next all i can hear is my pick on the strings, and theres this little wisp of smoke coming up from the treble pot. This time i went to a hi fi guy, who did a major overhaul - and I went back to valve recto while i was at it. i came away with a big pack of lots of doodads he'd replaced. Sounded good for years after that, a bit less volume but lovely tone - until it started getting a sudden and complete loss of volume, every time it was asked to work a bit.

This last one was tricky, but my new amp tech found the problem - a dry solder joint, which only lost its integrity when it got hot.

Now this amp runs sweet, I can push it hard when I want, or use it as one half of the stereo jazz lounge rig, either way its fine.

I wouldnt want to gig with it now, more to protect its rare tolex than any other reason, but if i did?.....i think I'd take a back up!

Customer Support : No Opinion

Maton have a good archive listing on their website.

Unfortunately, this model is so rare its not even listed there.

Overall Rating : 9

Been playing 25 years, on and off. Amateur, some gigs for friends or whatever. I have Traynor ycv40 2X10, a JC77, the little valve amps I referred to above, a lot of pedals,and some other stuff

If it was stolen I'd probably never find another one, but I'd probably just look for an old fender.....theres a reason why everyone says their clean tone is “just LIKE a fender”, yes???

The saga described above has not been as bad as it sounds, and it took place over many years. This was my only amp for a long time, and I'm glad I still have it. Its portable, toneful, looks great in the loungeroom, and rocks on when i want it to.

Cant wait to hear it with the greenback.

This is quite a reasonable and typical service history for any amp, and it sounds like it's easy on its output valves. I'll confess that my top two favorite-looking amps on this site are both Maton's, and this is one of them. -rr

New: 7/7/11

Source: Paul Quinn

New: 17/3/09

Robert Cullen writes...

Front view

I own a vintage Maton valve guitar amp, I was seeking knowledge and found your great site - so much information.

I can only find one reference to my amp on your site- listed as “Masthead Mystery” with an article by Paul Quinn (quote “very rare”) submitted 5th March 2007. I have not found any references anywhere else. Even my correspondence with an ex-Maton employee that collects amps, has been fruitless.

Chassis top

Inside speaker

Many thanks for your great web site
Robert Cullen

Internal pictures (large);
Underchassis A, Underchassis B.
Panel rear A, Panel rear B, Panel rear C.

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